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 October ORAS/Spooky Shiny Pokemon giveaway 

Hiiii guuuys :D

As Pokemon OR/AS is drawing ever closer as well as Halloween I’ve decided to do dual themed giveaway for this month! Up for grabs you have these shiny pokemon, all with either 5 or 6 perfect IVs.

~ Rules for Entering~

✿There will be two winners, each get to pick between 1 legendary and five other  shiny pokemon of their choice. 

Reblogging and liking counts as an entry. You do not have to be following me to enter. However, feel free to follow if you would like participate in future giveaways and check out my regular Pokemon and other gaming related posts.

One reblog per person so it’s fair for everyone. 

✿You’ll need a working 3DS/2DS, Pokemon X or Y, and an internet connection to receive your Pokemon. 

PLEASE make sure that your ask box is open so I can contact you. If I am unable to contact the winner then an alternative will be chosen. The winner will be selected at random on the 29th October

✿The winners will have a maximum of one week after being drawn to claim their shiny Pokemon. 

Good luck to everyone and thanks for taking part!




~** diancites’ first-ever shiny pokemon giveaway !!! **~

hello all !

i am super excited to announce that i’ve FINALLY gotten around to holding my very first giveaway !!  i wanted to do one when i hit 151 followers to commemorate capturing the first 151 pokemon (heheh) but i didn’t really have the time then, so i’m doing it now n_n

i know it’s not much, but what i’ve got here are nine  sixteen (see below) shiny pokemon that, for the most part, have never been touched and are looking to go to a new home !!


here is a link to their info (as well as proof that they are not powersave’d !)
aaand now for the part everyone hates;
☆☆ RULES ☆☆
• i know this is my first giveaway and all but you gotta be following me !!  following counts as an entry !
• obviously, you must have XY or ORAS by the time the giveaway ends, and please be willing to share your friend code with me, otherwise i can’t give you your shinies !
• no giveaway blogs please !  that wouldn’t be fair to the other participants
• reblog as much as you want, just be mindful of your followers !  each reblog counts as an entry; likes can be used for reference
• a total of four winners will be chosen via random.org; each winner gets to choose four shinies
• if you were following me before the giveaway you will get an extra prize !!  you’ll have a choice between any three battle maison items  OR  have any one of your pokemon to be shinified with powersave !
• the giveaway will end when this post reaches 200 notes !
• last but not least, thank you all so much and best of luck to all who participate !!! <3
if you have any questions regarding the giveaway my ask is always open !!


good news !!  i was digging through pokebank and i found some more shinies that i completely forgot i had stuffed in there !

that being said, i’m adding 7 more shinies to the giveaway ! click here to see them !

everything but the number of pokemon and the time at which the giveaway will end remains the same


i dont feel like waiting any more and i want to hurry up and finish with this giveaway so i can get started on other ones SO

this will be ending on saturday, october 11th !!  ten more days !

winners will be contacted around 5pm EST and will have 48 hours to respond (otherwise i’ll pick a different winner) !

thank you to those who have participated, and once again, good luck !! c:



I got two kills in lane, time to 1v5
Every solo queue Akali player ever (via socialtangent)




chapter 692

The fuck is even going on in Naruto…





so you know how everyone is always like lol illuminati 666 hail satan the south will rise again etc.

well today i was like hey what exactly was the illuminati anyways? and i



Next time on: I didn’t know I was a member of the Illuminati.

Plot twist: Tumblr is literally the Illuminati.

am i in a cult


Always reblog


Always reblog

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